Melissa Vargas


I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 15 years. It began with a passion for professional makeup. I would lose myself watching horror movies and looking at the makeup. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. From there, I fell in love with glam-style makeup, the art of highlighting someone’s natural beauty and creating symmetry in one’s face. At first, it was pretty challenging but at the same time, it came naturally to me.

I never took a makeup or a brow shaping class. I would just grab my family and friends during lunchtime and do their eyebrows leaving them with a full face of makeup done for the remainder of our shifts. One day, as I was doing a wing liner on one of my best friends she told me “You are studying the wrong career path, this is your true passion.” Something sparked inside of me and I never looked back. I enrolled in beauty school for makeup and applied to MAC COSMETICS, where all the fun began.

I knew it was a sign from God, he sent me over 50 clients within the month to do their eyebrows and for consultations. I remember looking into the mirror at MAC and wondered what was going on. I had a flood of people asking about how I styled my eyebrows. They asked things like what kind of products should I use, whether a set of brows microbladed, the right color for skin tone, ect. I took a leap of faith and gave my two weeks’ notice at MAC.

I did not have a backup plan, but I knew God had a plan. I trusted him and the Monday following my last day. By faith, I ordered a set of professional tweezers and brow tinting supplies. They were delivered on a Friday and that same day I did my mom’s, my sister’s, and a friend’s brows.

I posted the pictures on Saturday and I had 11 brow appointments booked that same day. It snowballed since then! I started taking courses for Brows, Permanent Makeup, and Lashes. God is so good. I expanded my knowledge base and received many certifications and my license. After 3 Years, Le Cíel Beauty Lab was born. God is still doing wonders in me and my business.

Thank you for believing in me and my team. We are here to serve you in any way that we can.

Kimberly Torres


Hi, my name is Kimberly! I am a lash and brow tech at Le Ciel Beauty Lab. I love transforming my clients and making them feel and see their inner beauty on the outside. My goal is to enhance what you already have. I am excited to join you on this wonderful journey to expressing yourself!

Maribel Tavarez

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Hi, my name is Maribel!

I’ve been part of the beauty industry for years. I am a lash and brow technician at Le Cíel Beauty Lab. Watching the women in my community rise with confidence after each service brings me the utmost joy. Through my profession, I cater to women’s needs and allow them to have a safe space for self-care. Also, I thrive in creating a space for women to recreate themselves improving their overall self-esteem.